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make every day taste like a special occasion.


Specialty Cranberry Products

New England Cranberry is a family owned company based in historic Massachusetts that originally specialized in cranberry sauces.  Twenty years after later, our dedication to tradition and authenticity of pure, simple ingredients results in the taste and quality that are hallmarks of our brand.  We begin with fruit, water and pure cane sugar, creating hand crafted foods that you deserve to enjoy everyday. 

For us, it’s all about the food.  Two rules we can all live by: make it easy, and use the best ingredients at your disposal.  At New England Cranberry, we offer simple, yummy recipes that make a bite on the go or a fete with friends the talk of the town.

Eat what you love.  Love what you eat.  We do, and now you can, too.

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WOW friends with Your Mad Cooking skills.


And now to drink! Meet our sister brand:

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Offices: 82 Sanderson Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902

Phone: 781-596-0888

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