About Us

We purchased New England Cranberry just after becoming parents for the first time, believing so much in the brand that we moved cross country to build it.  It was the Cranberry Pepper Jelly and brie that did us in: once we tried it, there was no going back!  New product lines soon followed, along with another kid (see above), and our commitment to making all our products with only all natural ingredients was cemented.

Based in our hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts, New England Cranberry is about family - however you define it - sitting around a table enjoying good food and drink, sharing stories about life and every day.  In these pages, you'll find family favorite recipes and ways to use our delicious products.  We encourage you to try different flavors and techniques that make it your own. 

Simple to use, easy to prepare, New England Cranberry keeps it local with taste, quality and authenticity - exactly what we all deserve.

Bon appetit! from our family to yours. 

 - Allison & Ted